Rental Combo


  • Admission & Air
  • Gun setup
  • Anti-fog Goggles
  • 100 rounds

Sniper Upgrade


  • More accurate
  • Quieter shot
  • Easier to sight

Spec Ops Upgrade


  • Hair trigger
  • Lighter weight
  • Quieter shot
  • Less kick
  • More accurate

100 Paintballs


500 Paintballs


Paint Grenades


Smoke Grenades


Big Smoke Grenades


tank rental


Tactical Vest


  • More Protection
  • Carry more paint

Ammo Pouch


  • Carry more paint
  • Holds 280 rounds

Admission + Air


  • Own your own gear?
  • Admission & all day air fills

General Information

All booking fees are non-refundable. Private groups guarantee eight players minimum. All games are played rain or shine. Once play has begun there will be no refund or reschedule for weather purposes.

Once a private game has been booked it cannot be cancelled for any reason. Groups may reschedule one time. Rescheduling must be made five days prior to the original event. All reschedules are subject to availability.

Waiver Notice: Everyone on site must sign a waiver! Players under the age of 18, must have their waivers endorsed by parent or guardian. Waivers must be done BEFORE you arrive to the facility!