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Next time you want to plan an exciting and collaborative group outing, opt for paintball. Organizations of all sizes can have a fun time on the field while improving their teamwork in a new and adrenaline-pumping way. Schedule a group paintball event at Vintage Paintball for your next excursion. We offer a private play experience so that you can have the entire field reserved for just your group. All you have to do is pick a time and a date, then select what course you want to play.

Why You Should Choose Vintage Paintball For Group Events

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Map Out Your Group Paintball Excursion

Vintage Paintball offers world-renowned fields for your group paintball excursion. Discover our different experiences and choose a map that will fit your group size and playstyle today!

Is your group interested in going on a western adventure? Try out our old-west style paintball map, known as Tombstone. Enjoy the cowboy-style course with Western architecture and plenty to do.

There are numerous places to hide and attack in this paintball field, featuring a two-story bunker, an old church, and even a town bank. Sneak down narrow paths and surprise your teammates!

Tombstone has become one of our most popular maps, for a good reason. Book it today to give your group a fun and memorable experience.


For larger groups, our Outpost field offers a broad battle experience with a two-story stronghold. Your crew will love fighting it out to overtake the complex.

With both large-scale battle spaces and close and personal action, Outpost offers a little bit of everything for your paintball experience—dodge around disabled vehicles and bunkers with your teammates.

When you play at Outpost, your group will love trying to storm the stronghold and win.


Combine lives up to its name with a fusion of woodsball and tactical warfare. This field is another massive paintball battle experience that your group will love.

Combine is a field that requires strategic moves. Take cover in the pillboxes, bunkers, or behind old machinery. Players can even find hiding spots in the heavy brush.

Your group will love this field – take out enemy teams from a base in one of the bunkers or from the woods.


For groups looking for an urban combat experience, the Stadium map is a constant fan favorite. Try to hold the dominant pillbox in the center of the field to dominate the game.

Stadium is an excellent field for team-building work. Your crew will need to work in unison to sneak between structures, clear buildings, and take control of the high ground.

Discover why Stadium has become such a favorite among regulars when you book it for your group today.


Those who want to go back to the beginning with a classic take on speedball fields will love our Hyperball map. It’s perfect for smaller groups that want to play paintball fast.

Hyperball is known for its narrow corridors and open shooting lanes. Your group will need to work for accuracy and expect a lot of hits.

This field is one of the most engaging that Vintage Paintball offers. Reserve it for your team today!


Is your group serious enough to play like a pro? Then the Thunderdome map should be your next stop. It was designed by paintball professionals and offers a place for accelerated play.

The Thunderdome field is compliant with professional paintball league NXL guidelines. Any group that wants a pro experience should consider Thunderdome.

Stay locked and loaded as your team takes over Thunderdome and works to take home a win.