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The Paintball Bachelor Party Experience

Make memories and celebrate the groom in style with a day of fast-paced paintball action. Plan your paintball bachelor party with Vintage Paintball and reserve an entire map for your group. Choose a date, time, and course — and get ready to have an absolute blast. We make preparing for your paintball bachelor celebration simple. So, what are you waiting for? Reach out today and get started!

What to Expect For Your Exclusive Paintball Bachelor Party

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Map Out Your Bachelor Paintball Excursion

Choose a map, then lock and load with your friends and family. Our field is filled with unique courses and immersive experiences that put your marksmanship to the test.

Grab your six-shooter, pull up the old cowboy boots, and yee-haw on over to our western-style course. Tombstone is a crowd-favorite, with an immersive landscape that is sure to keep you on your toes.

With incredibly detailed structures, two-story bunkers, an old church, and a town bank — you’re in for a real treat as you try to hold your own against the opposing team.

If you’re looking for the perfect-sized map for your paintball bachelor party, check out Tombstone today.


Do you have a massive bachelor party? If so, you’ll need a map that fits your crew. Outpost is one of our larger maps, perfect for bigger groups looking to protect a stronghold against enemy advances.

With a handful of bunkers, disabled vehicles, and close-quarters battlegrounds — Outpost offers it all.

Protect the groom. Or don’t. We’re not the ones that have to see him on his wedding day.


Is your bachelor party filled with outdoorsmen? Combine fuses woodsball with base-style warfare so that you can get into the action however you want.

Take cover in the brush or sneak attack behind enemy pillboxes, old machinery, and bunkers. Combine offers the perfect layout for strategic play and tricky flanks.

Become the ultimate sniper as you hide out in the woods and choose your target during your paintball bachelor party.


Are you looking for the ultimate urban combat scenario? Stadium offers a dominant pillbox at the center of the map that you and your bachelor-mates will have to fight to control.

Clear buildings, tip-toe between berms, and attempt to take the high ground to get eliminations with ease.

At a decent size and plenty of urban combat, Stadium is another favorite for paintball bachelor parties.


Play paintball the way it was supposed to be played with our tribute to classic speedball fields. Hyperball offers non-stop action and fast-paced fun with a course that guarantees you’ll get some eliminations — and get eliminated yourself.

With plenty of narrow corridors, open shooting lanes, and minimal cover, your shooting skills will be put to the test!

Hyperball is not for the weak. Luckily, your bachelor party is filled with guys ready to take hits and dish out shots.


When coming up with paintball bachelor party ideas, were you looking to play like the pros? Well, you’re in luck with our tournament-style field designed for speed.

Thunderdome was built and designed by actual pros. It’s compliant with NXL, the professional paintball league, and offers non-stop fun with plenty of unique bunkers.

Fuel up, stretch those legs and get ready to hit the field with your friends and family as you play on one of the most exciting fields we have to offer.