Private Play Paintball

Private Play allows your group the option to play paintball separately from the rest of the general admission paintball players giving you the freedom to play on your own terms! Choose the date, time and which playing courses you want to play.

Private Play paintball groups are ideal for the first time paintball player, paintball birthday parties, paintball bachelor parties, paintball church groups and any paintball group looking to do their own thing.

Exclusive Private Play Paintball Benefits

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Vintage Paintball – Twin Cities Paintball

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Paintball rental package featuring the Planet Eclipse Emek. Normal pricing is $39.99 at the door! Save $10 per person when you buy tickets online!

  • Package also includes:
  • Admission & air fills
  • Anti-fog goggles



Premium Spec Ops upgrade paintball package featuring a tactical gun with sniper barrel, hair trigger, and electronic loader! Limited availability!

  • Package also includes:
  • Admission & air fills
  • Anti-fog goggles



Paintball admission ticket for players who own their own gear. Includes paintball admission ticket and all day air fills. Avid player? Check out our membership

  • Package also includes:
  • Admission
  • Air Fills

100 Paintballs


Vintage Paintball Paintballs100

500 Paintballs


2000 Paintballs


Smoke Grenade


Vintage Paintball Smoke Grenade

Paint Grenade


Vintage Paintball Paint Grenade



Ammo Pouch


Vintage Paintball Ammo Pouch
  • Don't run out of ammo
  • Carry more paintballs

Tactical Vest


Vintage Paintball Tactical Vest
  • Tactical protection
  • Carry more paintballs