Howdy, Partner! Set your sights on Tombstone – modeled after an old west town. Gunfight your way down the corridors on each side of the street, but watch out for those two-story paintball bunkers! Evil-doers could be lurking in the Church, water tower, saloon, or bank, so keep your 6-shooter ready!


This is our tribute to the paintball speedball-style fields that were created in the late 1990’s, before airball. Hyperball paintball offers open shooting lanes and plenty of opportunity to score hits. But be careful! The small size and open cover of this field make for a fast-paced and intense game. Watch your flank!


Defend the Outpost from attack! Our largest map at the paintball park is dominated by two 2-story “Outposts” that are within shooting distance of each other. Dotted with various paintball bunkers and disabled vehicles, this field features a wide variety of Urban Combat paintball scenarios. Fight to the last man as you attempt to unseat the enemy from their stronghold!


One of our larger paintball maps at the park, Combine features two wooded hills that meet in a small valley. Take cover behind old machinery, dense cover, pillboxes, trenches, and various other natural obstacles as you sneak toward the enemy. This map is perfect for the woods ball paintball player who loves a bit slower, more traditional paintball game. Watch out for that rustling in the brush – Friend or Foe?!


Ready for some paintball urban combat? Start from one of two gas-chamber style bases, keeping your head low as you dash between berms. Clear the buildings as you work your way toward the enemy base. Two towers connected by a cat walk occupy the center of the paintball map and conceal two pill boxes below. Control the towers, control the field. Peril lurks in every direction; use your team to flush out and eliminate the enemy threat. One of the more popular paintball maps!


Designed and engineered from the inside out by the best paintball professionals in the world, Thunderdome epitomizes perfection for the tournament paintball field. Dimensioned to comply with NXL, it is the breeding ground for our regions top ranked players and teams. Paintball layouts vary from NXL to MPPL to 10man depending on the weekend!

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