HAVOC paintball team

For the Love of the Game!

Midwest divisional team out here trying to make it to the big leagues.


Weapon Options:

Snake Side 1: Chris, Hunter

Snake Side 2: Hunter, Chris, Chase

Bombers: Chase Nate, Corey

Dside 1: Riley, Drew

Dside 2: Drew, Nate, Chase, Corey

Utility Guy: Chase, Logan

Base plays are a starting point only. Remember breakouts will also depend on lanes when field walking. Variations and running short are always an audible. For example if we can’t make the snake we go short to the God.

An audible (pronounced ô’de-bul) is a verbal instruction that can slightly change the predetermined play, or completely scrap it for something else. A quarterback often calls an audible when he doesn’t like how the offensive play that was called matches up with the defensive formation.

So you’re interested in joining our paintball team? Get in touch!

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