World Paintball Day Big Game

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It’s time for YOU to do your part and help GROW PAINTBALL!

World Paintball Day is to honor the very first paintball game ever played. It was held on the forth weekend in June 1981 in Henniker, New Hampshire. World Paintball Day is a grassroots effort to attract new players to paintball. This is YOUR chance to help grow our amazing sport! Together we can help paintball grow.

Players should bring someone NEW out to try paintball! It does not matter where you play, just that you play. Lets show the World how great this game is! Join us for a great day of play!


Rental Combo


  • Admission & Air
  • Gun setup
  • Anti-fog Goggles
  • 100 rounds

Sniper Upgrade


  • More accurate
  • Quieter shot
  • Easier to sight

Spec Ops Upgrade


  • Hair trigger
  • Lighter weight
  • Quieter shot
  • Less kick
  • More accurate

100 Paintballs


500 Paintballs


Paint Grenade


Smoke Grenade


Big Smoke Grenade


tank rental


Tactical Vest


  • More Protection
  • Carry more paint

Ammo Pouch


  • Carry more paint
  • Holds 280 rounds

Admission + Air


  • Own your own gear?
  • Admission & all day air fills