MagFed and Pump Only Games

Come test your skills and get exclusive MagFed & Pump action at Vintage Paintball! Featuring First Strike rounds, missions, and props! These games take communication, patience and skill to be a successful player. Generally speaking there are more complex objectives in these games, which means the most regular players are more experienced. Magfed & Pump only games are the first Sunday of the month from 10am-5pm. Please click the book now option to see availability.
Equipment requirements: 
  • Any MagFed paintball marker.
  • Any Pump paintball marker.
  • Any Mechanical paintball marker modified to hold no more than 20 rounds at a time.
  • First Strike rounds chrono’d to 280 FPS
Please note that mag fed and pump only games require 8 players minimum to make it an exclusive play session. Anytime the session is less than 8 players it will join the Public Play session!

Mag Fed & Pump Paintball Days

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  • Admission & air
  • Basic paintball gun setup
  • Anti-fog goggles
  • 100 paintballs



  • More accurate
  • Quieter shot
  • Easier to sight



  • Hair trigger
  • Lighter weight
  • Quieter shot
  • Less kick
  • More accurate

100 Paintballs


500 Paintballs


Paint Grenade


Smoke Grenade


Smoke BOMB


tank rental


Tactical Vest


  • More protection
  • Carry more paintballs

Ammo Pouch


  • Carry more paintballs
  • Holds 280 paintballs



  • Own your own paintball gear?
  • Admission & all day air fills