Special Paintball Events

 First Sundays 

Mag-fed & Pump

Exclusive magfed & pump games featuring First Strike rounds, missions, and props! First Sunday every month.

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 May 24, 2020 

Black Ops

A tactical mission-based big game. Featuring a new game and scenarios every hour!

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 June 28, 2020 

World PB DAY

A casual big game honoring the first game of paintball ever played. New games and scenarios all day! 

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 July 12, 2020 

Twin Cities Classic

Seven man, Hyperball event featuring classic rules, mechanical guns or electric-guns capped at 5.5.BPS!

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 August 9, 2020 

Vintage big game

The biggest paintball game of the year. Combined maps and constant re-insertion! Perfect for beginners and regulars!

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 October 31, 2020 

Halloween Big Game

A casual paintball game with fun and spooky scenarios all day. Play in your costume for free admission and air! 

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