About Vintage Paintball

Vintage Paintball is the Twin Cities’ premier paintball park & store! Located within 25 minutes of St. Paul, Minnesota the park remains the leader in imaginative field scenarios built with authentic materials.

Vintage Paintball Store is located on site and stocks all the latest gear Including brands such as: Gi Sportz Paintball, Planet Eclipse Paintball, Dye Paintball, Virtue Paintball, Tippmann Paintball, Vforce Paintball, First Strike Paintball, Ninja Paintball, Push Paintball, Bunkerkings Paintball, Luxe Paintball, SP Shocker Paintball, and more!

Ample staging area tables and concessions available at the park!

Vintage Paintball ParkN8645 1160thRiver Falls, WI 54022

Hours & Directions

Park Hours

Monday – Friday: Reservation Only
Saturday: 9AM – 5PM
Sunday: 9AM – 5PM

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Store Hours

Monday – Friday: Closed
Saturday: 9AM – 5PM
Sunday: 9AM – 5PM

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What to Expect at Vintage Paintball Park

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SAFETY IS OUR #1 Priority

Paintball is a very safe sport when everyone abides by the rules.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Paintball age requirement?

The minimum age to play paintball is 9 years old. We encourage players to be 12 years of age for public paintball sessions. Anyone on site, including spectators must sign a waiver. If you are under 18 you must have your legal parent or legal guardian endorse your waiver.

How can I play at Vintage Paintball?

Choose the between a Private or Public Play session and click “Book Now!” Book online ahead of time and save per player! Make sure everyone in your party has their waiver completed prior to arrival.

Can I bring my own Paintballs?

Vintage Paintball is a field paint only facility. All paintballs must be purchased on site from Vintage Paintball to ensure a quality product and safe environment. Anyone caught shooting outside paint will be asked to leave without refund. No exceptions.

Is paintball safe?

Being a non- contact sport it does not have anywhere near the injuries of other sports like Soccer, Hockey or Basketball. When playing under professional, supervised conditions with proper equipment, it is statistically safer than golf or bowling! Rest assured, as Vintage Paintball leads the industry in safety standards.

Does it hurt when you get hit?

This is the most commonly asked question we get at the paintball park. Getting shot with a paintball typically feels like being snapped with a wet towel. It stings significantly less when playing the game as your adrenalin is pumping!

Can I bring my own paintball gear?

Absolutely! Just make sure you are familiar with your paintball gear and it is up to date with our current paintball rules and regulations! All paintball guns must shoot in semi auto or NXL mode at 10.5 balls per second (BPS) or slower. No other modes are allowed. All paintball guns must also chrono 280 feet per second (FPS) or slower. In hydro HPA tanks only.

Will the paint from paintballs wash out?

Actually, paintballs have no paint in them! They are a gelatin capsule, much like a bath bead or Advil gel cap and the stuff inside is mainly a product called PEG. This is a food grade synthetic oil filler found in many household items like tooth-paste! You may get a few grease marks but rest assured, as our paint is all non-toxic, non-staining and completely water-soluble.

Is there a time limit?

Public Play sessions are weekends from 10am-5pm. Private Play sessions are three hours long. Players may join public play after their private session is over for no additional charge!

Should I bring anything?

Besides a good change of clothes, closed toed shoes, and a great attitude that should do it! We have everything you’ll need on site.

Do you play in the rain?

Yes! It’s actually really fun to play paintball in the rain! We play rain, snow, or shine!

What can I do to prepare for my trip to Vintage Paintball?

First time?! No problem! Make sure everyone is your party fills out their waiver and watches the safety video prior to play!

Prohibited paintball park items!

Outside beverages, smoking, drugs & alcohol, outside paintballs, weapons of any kind, open toed shoes, metal spikes, shorts or thin clothing, orange colored clothing, bad attitudes, and war-like militaristic activities, pets of any kind.