Twin Cities Paintball Near Me!

The Best Paintball Park in the Midwest! 

Hey Twin Cities! Minneapolis! St. Paul! River Falls!!! Are you looking for paintball near me?! Vintage Paintball Park is right in your back yard! 

Vintage Paintball Park representing River Falls, Wisconsin Voted Number One Paintball Park in the Midwest by Major League Paintball

Las Vegas, NV -March 11, 2024 – Vintage Paintball Park proudly announces its recent accolade as the number one paintball park in the Midwest region by Major League Paintball, the premier authority in the paintball industry. This prestigious recognition highlights Vintage Paintball Park’s commitment to excellence in providing exceptional paintball experiences for players of all levels.

Major League Paintball, known for its rigorous evaluation process and stringent criteria, conducted an extensive review of paintball parks across the entire country and Midwest region. After careful consideration and evaluation of various factors including facilities, gameplay experience, safety protocols, and customer satisfaction, Vintage Paintball Park emerged as the top choice in the region. Serving all of Minnesota and Wisconsin, Vintage provides an unparalleled paintball experience! 

“We are humbled and and honored to be recognized as the number one paintball park in the Midwest by Major League Paintball. This achievement is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our entire team in providing an unparalleled paintball experience for our players.” said Aaron Tholey, COO. 

Vintage Paintball Park offers a diverse range of themed playing maps, state-of-the-art equipment, and experienced staff to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for players of all ages and skill levels. From adrenaline-pumping scenario games to recreational special events, Vintage Paintball Park provides an immersive and dynamic environment for paintball enthusiasts to hone their skills and create lasting memories and is centrally located just minutes outside of the Twin Cites and surrounding Minneapolis and St. Paul areas. 

As the number one paintball park in the Midwest, Vintage Paintball Park remains committed to upholding the highest standards of quality, safety, and innovator the industry.

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Hit the Field

A sincere thank you to everyone who helped our journey! We are so proud to represent the River Falls, WI community!

We’re a premier paintball park located just 25 minutes from St.Paul, Minnesota and 35 minutes from Minneapolis, Minnesota! We serve all the surrounding cities like: Woodbury, Minnesota, Hastings, Minnesota, Hudson, Wisconsin and more! We offer immersive paintball experiences like no other, with awesome field scenarios, creative battlegrounds, and friendly staff.

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Join us for your next adventure! Perfect for that special birthday party, bachelor party or just for fun! Get tickets here!

Twin Cities Paintball Near Me!

A sincere thank you to everyone who helped our journey! We are so proud to [...]

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