Low Impact Paintball

Low impact paintball

Let’s take a dive into .50 Low Impact paintball vs. traditional .68 paintball and what it means for you paintball adventure!

Low impact paintball gear

Low-Impact Paintball equipment is specially engineered to reduce the speed of the paintball being fired thus delivering lighter impacts. Utilizing light-weight materials, low-impact paintballs are actually smaller and travel at a slightly slower speed than traditional paintball markers. Low-Impact allows players to maneuver and play with the confidence of not getting hurt and without sacrificing the experience of traditional paintball.

Low Impact paintball

Low Impact Paintball allows players who are looking for the excitement of traditional paintball without the fear of getting hurt. 
The fear of being hit or leaving a bruise is a big deterrent for would-be first time paintball players. Our Low-Impact Paintball program is specifically designed to eliminate that fear of being hit while providing the “real deal” experience of what paintball is all about. Players use smaller and lighter equipment as well as a .50 caliber paintball which is much smaller than the traditional 68 caliber paintball. This is what makes Low Impact perfect for kids 13 and under as well as for groups that are first time players.
What Makes Low Impact perfect for First Timers?
  • Play all the same fields and play the same games without the fear of loved ones getting hurt. 
  • Special designed format just for entry level players
  • Low Impact guns are lighter and easier to carry
  • The paintballs are smaller and sting less than our traditional paintballs

Vintage Paintball introduces the new and improved way to play paintball for kids and first time paintball players! We now specialize in low impact paintball equipment. The paintballs are smaller, lighter and more fragile than traditional .68 caliber paintballs. These specific paintballs deliver less sting upon impact making the experience fun for everyone! Low impact paintball has evolved into one of the most commonly requested party ideas in MN. Both the rental gear and paintballs are lighter, smaller and just as fun to play with. Experience paintball the way it was intended…FUN! Our low impact paintball experience won’t leave you with massive welts and large bruises! Feel the rush of traditional paintball with less pain!

A low impact paintball fired at the traditional speed has approximately a third of the impact force of a traditional paintball fired. Low impact paintballs break at a slower speed thus making the sting 68% less than your average paintball. Ultimately, our paintballs lessen the “ouch factor.” Our special paintballs are also non toxic and wash out of your clothing.

Low impact paintball is super fun for all ages but don’t fall for the “low impact paintball” advertised at other paintball fields in MN & WI. They use cheap spring loaded plastic guns. These plastic pump guns commonly jam up and break paintballs in the gun before you even shoot.

Vintage Paintball – Minneapolis Paintball is one of the only paintball fields in Minnesota that offers true low impact paintball with modern semi-automatic guns. Every one of our guns is battle tested and maintained by the only certified Planet Eclipse Technician in the area. Play paintball today without losing the traditional fast paced, adrenaline pumping action. It is our mission to provide our customers with the safest and best paintball experience in Minnesota & Wisconson!