Winter Paintball Games

Winter paintball games can be a ton of fun as long as you are correctly prepared for the weather! Living in Wisconsin or Minnesota can often times make it challenging to facilitate these games! Here are some great tips to help you during your winter paintball outing around Minneapolis! 

tips for winter paintball play


One of the best things to remember is to dress for the weather and dress in layers! It’s cold outside, dress warm! We will have a fore going to keep players warm between games! 


Winter boots are the best but water proof boots with thick socks will work just as well! Don’t come in your regular tennis shoes, sandals, or crocs! Your feet will get wet and freeze.


Paintballs tend to get extremely fragile in the cold. Anything under 40 degrees and you start to break paint in the paintball guns quite often. To avoid paintballs breaking in your gun keep them warm. We will have a heated warming shack available for players, keep you paint toasty in here between games. Your car will also make a warm spot for paint in a jam! 


Here is a cool trick to help you keep you paintballs warm! Bring an insulated cooler and place your paint inside of it! You can also use a hand warmer as a heater to put inside of the cooler or or tape it to your hopper lid to keep paint in your loader toasty! 

Myths about winter paintball play


Everyone has heard of that “one guy who shot someone with frozen paintballs” This is common myth. Paintballs do not freeze in the winter. We buy special formulated paintballs that will hold up to colder temperatures during the winter paintball games. It will be fragile enough to break on contact, but strong enough to withstand being shot out of your paintball gun. Winter blend paintballs are not allowed to be used at the park once temps get above 40 degrees. 


Paintballs will not stain your winter gear. Bring normal winter gear to play paintball in during your outing. Our paintballs are 100% water soluble, biodegradable, and non-toxic! All paintball marks will come out in the wash. Plus, playing in the winter you have several additional layers of added protection!


Total myth! Winter paintball is a great time to play! The snow add an element of difficulty and terrain change at the paintball park! The added layers reduce the sting any paintballs might have. In fact, you might not even know your hit at all with those big winter clothes on! The pace of the game is slowed down slightly so you might even have a few extra chances to tag someone out! 

1. Plan Ahead

We’re going to start with an obvious one, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important. You’re going to need to plan ahead of time and secure a few essential pieces of intel:

  • Pick out a guest list.
  • Figure out a date.
  • Get the ages of all attending party members.
  • Ask the groom how involved he wants to be.
  • Figure out before and after plans.

Some of the best ways to get these things done are by creating a group message on a platform that everyone has access to. Once you’ve nailed down a guest list, start a group text message or Facebook group.

This will keep everyone informed on changes or updates and build some excitement for the big paintball winter party.

2. Book Early 

The best paintball maps in your area are incredibly busy, and you’ll need to plan ahead and book early to ensure that you’re getting a date that works for your party. Call and see if they have private-play paintball events that you can book. 

Once you’ve chosen a location, check and see how long their reserved times are, what type of concession or food options they have, and what type of rental opportunities are in store. If you’re lucky, your local field may even have additional paintball gear for epic battles like smoke bombs or paint grenades.

3. Check For Age Restrictions

If you have little brothers, sisters, or cousins involved — make sure to check with your local field about possible age restrictions. Ask what age the field allows for special events, as this could be different from their regular park hours.

The last thing you want is to arrive on the big day and get the terrible news that your youngest party member can’t participate. So, plan ahead and make sure they’re good to go.

Additionally, anyone under the age of 18 will need a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian. So, while you’re planning the big day — get the exact ages of anyone who might toe the line so that you can get your paperwork for the paintball event

4. Bring the Right Attire 

While the paintball park will supply you with paintballs, markers, hoppers, and everything you need to slay out with your crew — you’ll still need to bring the clothes on your back. Make sure that everyone in your group knows what to bring and what to wear. 

The weather could affect attire to some degree, but there are some general recommendations for what to wear while out on the paintball field. 

  • Long sleeves and long pants are a great way to minimize exposed skin. A direct hit with a paintball on bare skin can be unpleasant. 
  • Sweaters or sweatshirts if it’s cold or you want to add an extra layer of protection. 
  • Dark or muted colors to avoid being a universal target for everyone on the field. 
  • Loose fitting clothing for optimal movement and mobility while zooming around the map. 
  • Combat boots, sneakers, or shoes that you don’t mind getting extremely dirty. 
  • An extra change of clothes because you will be sweaty and covered in paint. 

Make sure to tell everyone in the group to bring clothes that they’re willing to put through a little wear and tear. Basically, make sure nobody is wearing brand new Yeezy’s or their favorite hoodie. You’re going to be active in the great outdoors, and there’s no telling how messy or beat-up clothes can get. There’s always one or two Rambos out there looking to make diving plays into cover. You know who you are. 

5. Have Fun 

Planning a paintball party can be stressful, but it is quite literally all fun and games when there’s paintball involved. You’re going to have the time of your life with a paintball winter party. It’s the perfect way to bring everyone together for some good ole fashioned team-oriented fun. 

Whether you have some veterans in your squad or a bunch of newbies looking to shoot their friends all day long — you’re going to have a blast. 

Book Today With Vintage Paintball 

We offer an unforgettable winter paintball party experience with the freedom to play on your own terms! Your group can toss paint separately from the rest of general admission on a date and time of your choosing. We make booking your paintball party quick and easy so that you can focus on the rest of your festivities. Choosing Vintage Paintball for your big day means:

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If you have a friend or family member that loves paintball, action sports, or just the great outdoors — a paintball party is a surefire way to make a memory that lasts forever!