5 Reasons Why Paintball Is Great for Your Corporate Gathering

Are you looking for a fun and engaging idea for your next corporate gathering? Trying to find a team-building activity can be a headache, and playing two truths and a lie for the tenth time will not help boost company culture or comradery. 

Instead, try out paintball for your corporate event. It’s a fantastic way to build teamwork, discover leaders, boost morale, and improve the overall relationship between your staff. 

Let’s explore five reasons why you should choose paintball for your next corporate gathering. 


1. Find Leaders 

Aside from the fast-paced fun you’ll be having at your corporate paintball outing; you’ll also have the opportunity to discover leaders in your organization. Paintball is a team game, which means inevitably, someone will have to step up to the plate and make decisions. 

When should your team pull back? Who’s going to lead the charge? How are you going to approach obstacles and eliminate players along the way? 

Sometimes, established leaders get taken out and someone else must take charge. More often than not, it’s an unexpected coworker. Paintball is a fantastic way to uncover new leaders in your organization that would otherwise go unnoticed in the day-to-day minutia. 


2. Build Communication Skills 

Paintball is quite literally all fun and games, but that doesn’t mean it can’t help build essential work skills. Paintball encourages effective communication in planning, strategizing, speaking up, and perhaps most importantly — listening. 

Whether it’s rallying your team to take cover, talk over attack plans, or even simply speak up when hit — your team will have to communicate to play the game of paintball. 


3. Improve Problem Solving 

No two games of paintball are alike. No matter what happens out on the field, something is bound to go awry. When that happens, it’s up to your team to use critical thinking and problem-solving skills to navigate the challenges ahead and emerge victoriously. 

Paintball is like a live-action game of chess. It requires strategy, planning, and decisive action to win. Fortunately, this will translate to outside-the-box thinking in the workplace and help your team refine their problem-solving skills.


4. Better Work Culture 

Planning an exciting corporate event that your staff can get excited about lays a solid foundation for better work culture. Yes, we know it’s cliche — but work culture matters. The morale and satisfaction of your employees will do more than create a pleasant office — it also leads to a more productive team. 

What better way to create a fun and engaging work culture than with a corporate paintball retreat? You’ll create lifelong memories, show your fun side, and create incredible photo-op moments that you can showcase on social media or your website to highlight your workplace culture.

5. Create Teamwork 

Last but certainly not least is that paintball creates a team environment. On the field, it’s one team against another — and whoever can zip around the course, shoot straight, and work as a unit will prevail. A little friendly competition is great for company morale and communication, but it also builds teamwork. 

Paintball is rarely a game where one individual can win on their own. Sure, Rick from HR or Cheryl from accounting might be military-grade sharpshooters, but without proper teamwork — they’ll be overrun. Mix some of this teamwork action with some old fashion fun and you have a recipe for a serious boost in teamwork at the office. Your corporate paintball retreat is sure to create lasting memories, build communication skills, and provide the perfect teamwork environment that translates to the office space. 


What to Expect 

Are you in? A corporate paintball retreat is an absolute blast, and we want you prepared. You’re probably wondering what to expect from your day on the field. Well, here are some tips and tricks for navigating your very first corporate paintball outing. 

  • Get a solid list down 
  • Pick a date that works for the most amount of people
  • Choose the right map for your group if the field has multiple options
  • Call ahead to reserve your time (book early)
  • Figure out meal plans (call the local field to see if they provide meals)
  • Make sure everyone brings the right attire (long sleeves, long pants, shoes they don’t mind getting dirty)
  • Have fun 

It’s really that simple. Booking a private event at your local paintball field is super easy. Everyone will get rented safety gear and paintball markers, they’ll load you up with paint and air, and a designated pro will walk everyone through the rules. From there, it’s all about waiting eagerly for the day and preparing for a few hours of nonstop excitement. 


Book Your Paintball Corporate Retreat Today 

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