3 Outdoor Kid Birthday Party Ideas in Minnesota

Is your kid’s birthday coming up? Are you looking for a fun outdoor party idea? Well, we’re here to help with three exciting ideas you can use to create a memorable birthday for your child. 

1. Head to the Park

Minnesota is home to some of the world’s most gorgeous parks and playgrounds that are perfect for your kid’s outdoor birthday party. Whether you want to have a large picnic, play day on the jungle gym, or just let the kids run wild at the park — we’ve compiled a list of our favorite Minnesota hotspots. 

Chutes and Ladders

Not to be confused with the classic children’s board game, Chutes and Ladders Park is a kid’s dreamland. Located in Bloomington as a part of the Hyland Lake Park Reserve, Chutes and Ladders is an award-winning park with towering slides, sprawling jungle gyms, and unique playsets for children of all ages. 

Round Lake Park 

For a splash of marine-themed fun, check out Round Lake Play Area in Eden Prairie. With splash pads, plenty of ways to get wet and wild, and a lakefront view — it’s a gorgeous birthday party spot for your kid to enjoy with their friends and family.

Carver Lake Bike Park 

If you have a squad of little bikers in your child’s friend group, try out Carver Lake Bike Park in Woodbury. Watch as the kiddos race around three tracks or play on the two traditional playgrounds at the park. Plus, you can head to the nearby beach for some extra fun in the sun.

2. Paintball Birthday Party 

What better way to celebrate your child’s birthday party than with a fast-paced day of paintball action? Here at Vintage Paintball, we host private birthday parties to celebrate your child’s big day. Perfect for building long-lasting friendships and having an absolute blast, your paintball birthday party is a surefire way to make your child the coolest kid in class. 

Here are some tips: 

  • Make sure to get a waiver signed by all of the parents. 
  • Have kids bring extra clothes because they will be little mess monsters when they’re done. 
  • Ask the local field if they have food and beverages available. 
  • Talk to your child’s friend group about following the rules and listening to the staff. 
  • Bring extra snacks to help the kids refuel. 

We know what you’re thinking, and yes, paintball is a safe activity for your kids. Local fields have incredibly strict safety guidelines that they’ll walk through with both you and the kids. 99.99% of paintball “injuries” are scraped knees and bruises from falling down on the field — just like on the playground. 

Safety gear and equipment are mandatory, and there’s a zero-tolerance policy for removing equipment outside of designated play or testing areas. A paintball birthday party is a perfect event, with exercise, teamwork, and most importantly — a fun-filled day of excitement your kid will love. There are plenty of private play events that you can book now to get started on your high octane day of paintball action. 

3. Nature Centers

If your child loves the outdoors but isn’t into paintball or the average park, step it up a notch with a trip to one of Minnesota’s many nature centers. Track animals and learn about exciting wildlife or check out the many animals, insects and learn how to survive in the wilderness. 

Many nature centers have activities for every season, allowing your little outdoorsman to have a blast all year round. Whether it’s kick sledding or snowshoeing in the winter, checking out the aquatic life in the spring, or embarking on an outdoor adventure in the summer and fall — there’s something for every season. 

Check out some of our favorite outdoor nature centers around Minnesota.

  • Dodge Nature Center is located in West St. Paul, making it convenient for anyone in the greater metro area. This outdoor adventure houses a naturalist guide to walk the kids through their exciting nature activities fit for every season.
  • Springbrook Nature Center in Fridley offers exciting outdoor naturalist programs, exhibits, and nature trails for the kids to explore. Although it’s only available on weekends, there’s plenty to do — from animal tracking and archery to GPS tracking, pond exploration, and more! 
  • Baker Outdoor Learning Center, located in Plymouth, has a wide variety of awesome survival programs. Host an archery party and work on that aim. Refine those prehistoric skills and discover how you would live without modern amenities. Plan a survival party and watch as the kids learn key survival skills for the wild. There’s rock climbing, snowshoeing, and even photography parties! 

Plan an Outdoor Birthday Party Today 

When it comes to the great outdoors, your options are limitless. While we gave you three incredible outdoor kid birthday party ideas — Minnesota is chock full of exhilarating fun in the sun. Here are some honorable mentions:

  • A day at Valleyfair amusement park 
  • Check out your local zoo
  • A round or two of mini golf 
  • Sports party 
  • The water park 
  • Nerf party 

An outdoor birthday party is a perfect way to quell concerns and still have an exciting day planned for your kid in a socially distanced world. So, give one of our ideas a try this year for your child!