What’s the Best Tippmann Paintball Gun?

You would be hard-pressed to find a paintball enthusiast who doesn’t have something positive to say about Tippmann paintball markers. For over three decades, this company has created some of the most infamous paintball guns ever to grace the field.

There’s a good reason for this. Tippmann paintball guns are incredibly reliable, durable, and straight-up excellent markers. Chances are, if you’ve ever played at a field — you’ve either rented or played against a handful of Tippmann’s. They’re a fantastic starter gun for beginners but can also be a great backup marker to bring with you in case anything happens to your primary gun.

Why Tippmann?

As a staple in the paintball world, Tippmann has a massive range of guns, products, and accessories. Although their options are diverse, they specialize in tactical designs. That doesn’t mean you’re limited; they have everything from mechanical, pump, and electronic paintball markers for you to choose from. 

It’s not all about their selection. Tippmann is synonymous with durability, reliability, and, most of all — quality. Here’s why so many in the paintball world put their trust in this classic brand. 


  • Easy maintenance is certainly at the top of the list. They’ve made it their mission to build hassle-free markers that are essentially tool-free when it comes to upkeep and maintenance. Repair jobs are quick and simple, and your markers can be stripped down for easy access to internals without a problem. Even if you’re in the heat of battle and need to make some adjustments, Tippman makes it easy. 
  • Durability is a given with the Tippmann brand. Many of their signature markers are built for rugged woodsball use, which means they’ll survive some fairly harsh conditions and rough play. Several of their flagship paintball guns utilize carbon fiber for a lightweight and durable design. You’ll find consistent use of in-line bolt systems that reduce blockages and boost firing performance with nearly all of their markers. 
  • Upgradability really just drives it home for Tippmann paintball markers. There’s very little you can’t do to upgrade, accessorize, and personalize your Tippmann to fit your style. Several of the most popular markers include Picatinny rail systems that make it easy to mount enhancements and other additions to your marker. They have a wide range of accessories compatible with their signature markers, including stocks, barrels, triggers, magazines, loaders, and more. 


Additionally, many of the best Tippmann paintball guns offer both loader-fed and mag-fed capabilities. Traditional paintball play usually relies on loaders — and is one of the essential pieces of gear for your paintball mission. However, lots of tactical players love the realism and immersion of mag-fed play — which is an area where Tippmann excels. 

At the end of the day, this brand is a cornerstone of paintball. You’ll find their markers at every field and nearly every event you attend. They are affordable, high-quality, and long-lasting paintball guns that are great for every level of play. We often get asked: “What’s the best Tippmann?” 

Well, that’s a loaded question — so let’s break it down. 

Top 4 Tippmann Paintball Gun Options

Tippmann 98 Custom 

We’ll start with one of the most popular and common styles of Tippmann paintball marker, the Tippmann 98 Custom. Designed with performance and reliability in mind, the 98 Custom is a fantastic option for beginner paintball players. Easy to maintain, tons of customization options, and quality craftsmanship — the Tippmann 98 custom is an ideal starter marker for all ages. 

  • Accessories rail for additional features 
  • Split receiver for quick access to the internals 
  • Lightweight aluminum 

Tippmann Stormer 

The Stormer takes advantage of high performance and strength for a slight upgrade to the Tippmann 98 custom. With a composite body and an easy-to-modify Picatinny rail system, it’s an excellent option for entry-level players and seasoned players alike. The Tippmann Stormer is a fan-favorite for scenario gameplay, woodsball, and recreational play. 

  • Picatinny rail system for easy modification 
  • Reliable in-line bolt system 
  • Durable composite body 

Tippmann Stormer Elite 

Are you looking for a tactical military-style paintball marker but still want to use good-ole-fashioned loaders? The Tippmann Stormer Elite is a fully modular marker that allows for both mag-fed paintballs and loader-fed paintball play. Complete with a collapsible stock, front grip, and iron sights — the Tippman Stormer Elite is a truly awesome paintball marker for all levels of scenario play. 

  • Military-style paintball marker 
  • Full customization 
  • High-performance barrel 

Tippmann TMC 

For true military and AR-style enthusiasts, the Tippmann TMC is the perfect option for an authentic tactical paintball experience. Similar to the Stormer Elite, the TMC offers both mag-fed and loader options (although the loader option requires an adaptor). When all is said and done — people purchase the Tippmann TMC for its mag-fed realism and incredibly durable build quality. 

  • Quad-rail Picatinny system for tactical accessories 
  • Authentic AR-style and feel 
  • Dual feed option (hopper & mag-fed) 

Choose a Tippmann Paintball Gun For You

These are four of the best Tippmann’s on the market. Each has its own unique style and benefits. Finding out which Tippmann marker is right for you really comes down to personal preference, budget, and features you love. 

If you’re still not sure which paintball marker is right for you, call into your local field and see what they have for rentals. Chances are they’re carrying one or two types of Tippmanns that you can try out!