The Best Paintball Gear for Your Mission

Let’s face it, buying paintball gear can be overwhelming. You’re excited to hit the field and spray some paint — but you want the right paintball gear to get the most out of your experience. Whether you’re just getting into the exciting world of paintball, returning after a long break from the hobby, or you’re a seasoned veteran — knowing what type of gear fits your local field or style of play is a gamechanger.

We’re here to help you along the way and offer some much-needed guidance so that you don’t break the bank with bad purchases. Let’s hop right in.

Close Quarters & Speedball

If you’re hopping into some urban combat or Speedball for your paintball mission, you’ll want to get your hands on some comfortable gear.

Let’s start with your close-quarter battles (CQB) scenarios. Urban combat and Speedball are all about comfort and safety. Expect some up-close and personal battles compared to your average woodsball or large-scale missions.


You don’t always have to look cool, but it helps.

  • Wear long and comfortable pants to protect your legs from incoming shots. We recommend some light and breezy joggers so that you can remain light on your feet without getting overheated.
  • A long sleeve shirt or paintball jersey will keep your arms safe from direct shots to the skin.

Pads and Protection

Padding is optional, but protection isn’t.

  • Protect your elbows from doorways or ledges with high-quality elbow pads.
  • If you want to do your best re-creation of a slide cancel from your favorite FPS game — grab yourself some knee pads so that you won’t get burns on those precious knees of yours.
  • You’ll need a paintball mask and goggles no matter where you play.


If you’re battling it out in the great outdoors or natural fields, you’ll need to be equipped for the elements. It’s all about rugged play and durable gear. Woodsball is also highly tactical and often revolves around fun scenarios. It’s a cheaper and more accessible form of fun for those looking to get into the exciting world of paintball. 

Because woodsball is played outdoors in fields, woods, or hills — you’ll see players trying to blend in with muted colors or camouflage gear. Let’s check out everything you’ll need to hit the woodsball field, ready to toss some paint. 


Brightly colored targets, beware. 

  • Long sleeves and thick rugged pants are a must. Not only to protect limbs from incoming shots but also prickly or poisonous plant life.
  • Camo jerseys, long-sleeve shirts, and even pants can help you sneak around the field and surprise the enemy.

Additional Equipment

  • Grab a headwrap to protect your head from ticks, soften direct headshots, and help secure your helmet on the move.
  • A pod holder will ensure that you never run out of ammo and end up a sitting duck in the woods.

All-Around Paintball Gear & Necessities

Before heading to your local paintball shop or filling your cart with thousands of dollars worth of paintball guns, tanks, and accessories — check with your local field. They may have rental equipment available so that you can try out some paintball markers, air tanks, and hoppers. 

However, if you’re already all-in and want to get your own paintball gear — let’s get you started off right. 

Paintball Guns

We know what you really came for. Which type of paintball gun is right for you comes down to personal preference, budget, and features you want. If you head to your local paintball field, you’ll see people using high-end guns, run-of-the-mill markers, and everything in between. However, there are certainly some markers that make more sense in certain environments. Paintball markers can be expensive — so make sure to do your research and choose an option that you’ll be happy with for a while. Here are some options:

High-End Paintball Markers (Best For Speedball & Urban Combat)

Mid-Level Paintball Markers (Great For All Combat)

Entry-Level Paintball Markers (Best For Woodsball and Rugged Terrain)


When choosing a loader for your paintball marker, there are two directions you can go. On the one hand, you have gravity feed paintball hoppers — and on the other, you have electronic hoppers. Let’s explore some pros and cons of each type of loader.

Gravity Loaders


  • More affordable
  • Great for beginners 
  • Save on paint


  • Jam more easily
  • Slower bps (balls per second)

Battery Loaders


  • Faster bps (balls per second) 
  • Less jamming 
  • More compatible with mid-high end markers


  • Higher cost
  • You’ll need to replace batteries


If you’re going to be playing paintball, you’re going to need some paint. Luckily, your options are wide open — as there are tons of different brands, colors, and affordable choices to make. Veteran players will tell you that paintballs end up being your biggest spend after you’ve gotten all of your basic gear — and there’s a reason for it. 

Quality paint matters, for:

  1. Straighter shooting
  2. Speed and velocity
  3. Fewer breaks and messes

Luckily, most paintball fields allow you to purchase on-site. So, check with your local field to avoid running to big-box stores for low-quality paintballs. 

Air Systems

Last, but certainly not least is your paintball marker’s air system. There are two types of air systems used by all on the paintball field: CO2 and compressed air. Over the last decade or so, CO2 has become far less popular due to its environmental impact, sustainability, and reliability. 

Compressed air simply offers a far more consistent rate of fire, performance reliability, and won’t be affected by temperature compared to CO2 tanks. 

Choosing the right tank for your paintball excursion is all about size and budget. Larger tanks are heavier and might not be as viable for a younger player. Check out some of the more popular air systems today: 

Hit the Field

Now that you have all of the paintball gear you need for your mission, it’s time to hit the field. We’re a premier paintball park located just 25 minutes from St.Paul, Minnesota and 35 minutes from Minneapolis, Minnesota! We serve all the surrounding cities like: Woodbury, Minnesota, Hastings, Minnesota, Hudson, Wisconsin and more! We offer immersive paintball experiences like no other, with awesome field scenarios, creative battlegrounds, and friendly staff.

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