Voted #1 for Minnesota Paintball Parties!

Vintage Paintball has become the number one choice for kids Birthday Parties in the Twin Cities area! In fact, We offer the most unique paintball experience in Minnesota or Wisconsin! As kids get older they want more excitement for their birthday party experience and Vintage Paintball is here to give them just that! You can either choose a paintball Walk-On adventure or opt for the more exclusive Private Group paintball party. When you choose a paintball private group you get exclusive paintball field use with just your group, as well as your own paintball referee who makes sure your Minnesota or Wisconsin paintball party is safe and stays on track! Our paintball private groups are unique in the fact that there is no time limit! Here at Vintage Paintball we also give you guaranteed rental equipment and to top it off complimentary photos of your Minnesota Paintball outing! All this while playing on any of our world famous paintball courses. Let us host your next Minnesota paintball party! Simply click, “BOOK NOW” at the top of our site!

Let us show you why we are better than our paintball competitors!

  • We are a true paintball “Park” meaning we offer over 10 paintball courses that all have different themes! Our competitors have paintball fields that consist either one playing surface which gets boring or their field has the same style of courses. Not here! At Vintage Paintball we offer you everything! Weather you want to play paintball in the woods, or on our castle field, speedball, airball, or check out our new field “Conquest”.
  • We are the closest outdoor paintball park to St.Paul, Minnesota. If you don’t believe mapquest it! Our competitors claim they are closer. We’ll trust the facts!
  • We make booking paintball games easy! All of our paintball private groups are priced for the first time paintball player. We know you don’t know what you need and we don’t want to sell you stuff you don’t need! Thats why we have one private group package to get you started!
  • We offer low impact paintball! We are the only outdoor paintball field to offer low impact paintball! This is a perfect paintball solution for younger kids or wedding parties that don’t what the paintball welt!
  • All of our paintball private parties have an unlimited time slot from 9am-5pm. Most paintball fields have roughly between a 3 and 4 hour time slot. Not here, play paintball as long as you’d like!
  • Finally a paintball field that give you guaranteed rental equipment! Book a paintball party for that special occasion and we’ll be ready for you. No worries that we are over sold!
  • All our paintball private groups get complimentary photos! We understand that this is a special day for many of you and we need to capture that moment! Let us take care of it all! Fiore Designs-03188