The VIntage Paintball Experience

Vintage Paintball is the Twin Cities premier paintball park offering every kind of field scenario: woodsball, urban, castles, airball, wild west, towers, scenario, big games, special events and more!

Whether you’re here for your paintball birthday party, paintball bachelor party, or just for some great weekend paintball action, Vintage Paintball has you covered!

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at the Premier Paintball Store in Twin Cities, Minnesota

Vintage Paintball is the only paintball store in Minnesota, conveniently located in West St. Paul, MN and just a short drive from Minneapolis, MN. Vintage Paintball offers a large selection of new and used paintball gear in the Twin Cities. Our pro paintball gun techs do it all! Everything from: standard paintball gun service to custom built paintball guns, and even air tank and hopper service! We also offer paintball services like anodizing, and hydro testing for paintball tanks! Don’t forget the paintball basics like CO2 fills, kegerator fills, soda stream CO2 fills, PCP air gun fills, and high pressure air fills all the way up to 4500 PSI. BUYLOCAL!